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In 2021, Projectfivek was invited to be part of an important project initiated by Bexley Interfaith Group and lead primarily by the churches in Bexley. We supported 11 families identified by Belvedere Junior school, and, with a team of 15 volunteers from Belvedere Pentecostal Church and the local community, prepared, cooked, and delivered over 520 hot meals across 12 weeks.

Some of the comments we received from the families:
“Yeah, we so much appreciate it, the children really enjoyed the shopping and we had a great time along the line
Thanks so much, kind regards. (Jan 2024)”


“Without these vouchers we would have really struggled over Christmas so project fivek helped out more than
they could ever now. 
Christmas is always a very hard time financially and it was such a relief to have some added help with food
vouchers at a stressful time. (Jan 2024).


I am very appreciative for receiving these vouchers. They really helped us with food thay we needed and i was
able to treat my son to some of his favourite snacks as it was Christmas, so he was very happy also. Thankyou
for helping us. (Jan 2024)


“Thank you Project K 
Your continuous support has been immense help. (Jan 2024)”.


“Thank you very much ProjectFiveK,  for the voucher over Christmas period it really went well for Christmas for
my children and it make our Christmas Day splendid. (Jan 2024)”

Projectfivek also partners with St. Mary’s Primary School in Lewisham, Belvedere Junior School, St. Augustine’s of Canterbury in Belvedere,St. Paul’s Primary School, Slade Green and Twin Oaks Primary School, Deptford providing Aldi Food Vouchers and support to some of the most deprived children in need during the academic year. The feedback we have received from both staff and parents has been overwhelmingly positive:

All of the shopping and vouchers provided by Projectfivek have been invaluable in improving parental engagement with the school as it means we have been able to offer very real and practical assistance to families who come to us for help”.


“By discreetly giving vouchers to the families who really need it, parents do not feel they are being judged by other parents and it avoids pride getting in the way of accepting so help”.

Letters From Schools

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