Making a difference for families and the next generation

Projectfivek was envisaged during the recent pandemic lock down when the plight of families who were struggling to feed their children, was widely publicised in the media. The founder of Projectfivek was burdened by the level of poverty within our communities and the negative impact this had on children day to day, thus Projectfivek was created with vulnerable families, communities, and schools at the forefront of its mission.

Our Mission

To provide practical and ongoing support for families who face day to day financial challenges, with the assistance of supermarket vouchers, meal kits and essential hygiene packages.

Our Vision

We intend to expand our support network by working with schools, faith organisations and local community groups to help our most vulnerable families. We strongly believe in the long-term benefits of building relationships with families and working closely with them and have seen first-hand how poverty and hunger are major barriers to a child’s ability to access a meaningful and consistent education. We therefore hope to be able to make a real difference in children’s lives.